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     Jingles appreciate with time...the more they are used, the more effective they are!  Most of the high end advertisers use some sort of musical branding in their ads.  Why?  Because it works!  You've probably had it happen to you.  A certain bit of music that you can't get out of your head because it's catchy.  That's what jingles are intended to do.  When it plays, potential customers know it's your music and they listen to the content of the message to see what you are promoting.

     We can design a jingle package to fit your needs.  I have years of experience in creating jingles for regional and national accounts.  My goal is to create music that is attention getting and will get results.

     Please listen to the short 3 minute demo below to hear a few examples of some of the jingles we have done.

Jingle Demo 18.mp3
MP3 audio file [1.6 MB]

Getting Started

     From start to finish we will give your project the utmost attention.  We'll listen to your ideas.  We'll create a branding statement if you don't have one...find out what style of music you are looking for, and from those discussions create a rough demo for you to listen to.  We'll even add copy so you can get an idea of how it will sound on air.

Finished Production

     Once you approve the jingle we'll bring in vocalists for finished production, and create a master CD with cuts from the package you choose.  You can start with the Standard :30 package and make additions to customize your jingle package as needed.  The :30 package includes a Intro, Tag, Donut, and Music Bed.  We also can provide :60's, :15's and Full sings for additional costs.  Please call to discuss your project.  We can develop a jingle package to meet most any need.  Costs range from single market usage, to jingles that will be used nationally in multiple markets.