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Telephone on Hold

     We provide "On Hold" services to some of the largest businesses in the Tri-State Area and throughout the country.  Instead of dead silence or radio music, this is your opportunity to tell customers of the products and services that you provide.  You may want to include special promotions, hours of business, product information or messages that reflect the image of your company.

     The USB 1200 Mp3 Systems are one of the best available in on hold technology.  They are clean sounding, easy to operate, and best of all they are affordable!  These units will usually pay for themselves in a short time from new sales generated from on hold messages.  Messages can easily be downloaded via e-mail/computer onto a flash drive, which is then inserted into the unit...and you are quickly up and running.

USB 1200

MP3 On Hold System     Compatible with PC or Mac     Easy to use


This unit offers on board internal flash memory that reloads in case of power failure.


Volume control.  Plug and play flash drive.  Excellent sound quality. 3 year warranty.


Cost   $375.00

Recording Your On Hold Production

     Send us your information and we can help you script your message.  On hold works best when you create short informational paragraphs that inform the listener of your products or services.  Music is played behind these messages with the occasional "Thank you for holding...or...We'll be with you in a moment."


     Our production is top quality.  High profile customers around the country use our on hold services.  We are highly effective in retaining customers on the phone until one of your representatives return to the line.  This is a great marketing tool to increase business!